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Rosie & the Originals


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Yhtye oli aktiivisena:

1960–1963, 1969–1973

Yhtyeen jäsenet:

Rosie Hamlin
James Bentley
Gene Romero
Joe Yancho

Rosie & The Originals oli yhdysvaltalainen yhtye, jonka tunnetuin kappale oli Angel Baby.




  • Angel Baby/Give Me Love (Highland Records, 1960)
  • Why Did You Leave Me/Angel from Above(Highland Records, 1961)
  • Lonely Blue Nights/We’ll Have a Chance (Brunswick Records, 1961)
  • Lonely Blue Nights/We’ll Have a Chance (Highland Records, 1961)
  • My Darling Forever/The Time is Near (Brunswick Records, 1961)
  • Kinda Makes You Wonder/My One and Only Love (Globe, 1962)
  • You're No Good/You Don’t Understand (Wax World, 1973)



Lonely Blue Nights (1961)

Lonely Blue Nights


Levymerkki: Brunswick ‎– BL 54102
Formaatti: Vinyl, LP, Album
Julkaisumaa: US
Julkaisuaika: 1961
Genre: Rock, Rock & Roll



A1. Lonely Blue Nights
A2. Read The Story Of Love
A3. My Darling Forever
A4. No Other Love Will Do
A5. We'll Have A Chance
A6. Angel From Above
B1. The Time Is Near
B2. Baby Baby Baby
B3. I Found A Dream
B4. Maybe I'm Dreamin'
B5. Cloud Nine
B6. It's Time To Go Home

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The Best Of Rosie & The Originals (1999)

The Best Of Rosie & The Originals (1999)


Levymerkki: Ace Records Ltd. ?– CDCHD 738
Formaatti: CD, Compilation
Julkaisumaa: UK
Julkaisuaika: 1999
Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop, Vocal, Rock & Roll



1. Angel Baby (US Version)
2. I'm So Young
3. A Thousand Stars
4. Lonely Blue Nights
5. There's No Other (Like My Baby)
6. The One Who Really Loves You
7. Confidential
8. Why Did You Leave Me
9. Angel From Above
10. My Darling Forever
11. We'll Have A Chance
12. Happy Happy Birthday Baby
13. Angel Baby (Re-Recording)
14. You're No Good
15. Guess Who
16. Lonely Blue Nights
17. I Found A Dream
18. Give Me Love
19. No Other Love Will Ever Do
20. Just Because
21. It's Time To Go Home
22. The Time Is Near
23. Angel Baby (UK Version)

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Angel Baby Revisited (2002)

Angel Baby Revisited



Levymerkki: Ace ?– CDCHD 814
Formaatti: CD, Compilation
Julkaisuaika: 28 Jan 2002
Genre: Jazz


1. Dedicated To The One I Love (A Cappella Version)
2. You'll Lose A Good Thing
3. I'm So Proud
4. Maybe I'm Dreaming
5. Read The Story Of Love
6. Angel From Above
7. For Love
8. Angel Baby (Spanish/English version)
9. Lost Illusions
10. La Bamba
11. We'll Have A Chance
12. Cloud Nine
13. Baby, Baby, Baby
14. My One And Only Love
15. Kinda Makes You Wonder
16. I Don't Understand
17. Steppin' Out In Style
18. Gallery Of Dreams
19. Confessin' A Feeling
20. Just Take Your Time
21. I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
22. Angel Baby (A Cappella Version)
23. Radio plugs for KJOK, Utah, Arizona

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